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Physiotherapy and Fall Prevention

November is Fall Prevention Month. More than 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall each year. Over half of these falls result in permanent reductions in both mobility and independence. Fortunately, with proper education, reduction in home hazards, and simple exercise programs, most of these falls can be avoided.

Your Physiotherapist is uniquely positioned to help you reduce your risk for falling. With an assessment of your home environment, he/she can help you to make modifications to improve your safety. Modifications may include removing scatter rugs, improving lighting in stairways, and organizing your kitchen to place frequently used objects within easier reach. He/she can also assess your mobility and balance and work with you to minimize fall risks during transfers and when navigating both indoors and outdoors. Your plan may include an individualized exercise program designed to maintain and/ or improve your strength, balance, and mobility.

If you do fall and sustain an injury, your Physiotherapist is a key part of your rehabilitation. She/he will assess and treat any acute injuries you sustain. Furthermore, your Physiotherapist can assess your overall physical function to help determine the cause of the fall and work with you, providing you with the tools to prevent further falls and maintain your independence.

At Keystone Physiotherapy, we provide comprehensive Fall Prevention and Rehabilitation care. We offer Home Visits for both home assessment and fall prevention education. These visits are also ideal for people who have difficulty getting out of their home. In-Clinic visits provide superior care to help maximize recovery from injuries for those people who can attend the clinic.

Additionally, many of our therapists are trained in a specific branch of Physiotherapy related to balance and dizziness issues: Vestibular Rehabilitation. Call us today to maintain your mobility and independence!

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