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Slip and Fall? Physiotherapy can help!

Winter brings icy driveways and walkways, increasing the risk of slip and falls. The resulting injuries range from mild ligament sprains to fractures, which can permanently affect your mobility and independence. A licensed physiotherapist can help you prevent falls and recover from fall-related injuries. The most common injuries with slip and falls include those to the wrist, ankle, shoulder, and low back. Injuries range from simple sprains and strains to more serious injuries including concussions and broken bones. If you hit your head or think you have broken a bone, it is important to go to see a doctor immediately. Symptoms of a broken bone include: a misshape limb; severe, unrelenting pain; and an inability to move or bear weight on the injured body part.

Physiotherapists play an important role in your care following medical treatment for these serious injuries. Physiotherapy is integral for concussion rehabilitation, helping to reduce headaches and dizziness, restore strength and balance, and help you return to normal activities.

Physiotherapy care is also important after a broken bone, helping you regain the movement and strength necessary for your return to full function. In the absence of hitting your head or breaking a bone, the pain following a slip and fall likely results from soft tissue damage and inflammation. The first steps to take towards healing this type of injury include:

1) rest the affected area;
2) ice the painful area for 5-10 minutes at a time;
3) compress the area using a tensor wrap;
4) elevate the area; and,
5) gently move the area often throughout the day, within the limits of pain.

If the pain is severe or if minor pains last more than 48 hours, the best course of action is to consult a physiotherapist. He or she will assess your injury and determine the nature and extent of the damage. Using a hands-on approach, your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a program to reduce your pain, regain your mobility, and help you to return to the activities you enjoy. Our team at Keystone Physiotherapy offer comprehensive slip and fall rehabilitation care, including post-concussion treatment, post-fracture care, and soft tissue injury rehabilitation.

Our Physiotherapists provide superior care, helping to maximize your recovery.

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